EXPLOSIVE: Hammond Police Say Teens Stole 5 Handguns, One Accidentally Shot

Hammond Police recovered 5 stolen firearms after a 16 year old was shot in the 6800 block of Carolina early this morning. Two 14 year olds are also believed to have been involved.
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December 18, 2018-Hammond Police responded to the 6800 block of Carolina last night and discovered a 16 year old had been shot in the leg. “Hammond Police responded to a report of a male shot in the leg in a home in the 6800 block of Carolina.” Police say the shooting was accidental as the teens played with a stolen gun according to a report from Lt. Steven Kellogg. “During the investigation, officers determined that the cause of the shooting was accidental and that the boys were playing with a firearm. Detectives obtained consent to search the residence for the firearm used in the shooting and recovered four additional handguns hidden inside the residence. These five firearms were reported stolen in a recent burglary” Lt. Kellogg stated. Lt. Kellogg states that charges will be presented to the Lake County juvenile prosecutor based on the burglaries.

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  1. What type of parent allows a 14yr old to have guns, stolen ones at that? That is just unacceptable. We grew up with guns & we were never allowed to play with them. We learned proper usage and respect.

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