LC Teacher Charged: Admits to Long-Term Drug Use

November 27, 2017-The Lake Central High School teacher who made national headlines when she was filmed by students while apparently doing drugs has been charged with possession of cocaine and possession of paraphernalia. Police say 24 year old Samantha Cox was polite and cooperative during the course of the investigation. Police were called to Lake Central High School at 11:54 a.m. on November 22, 2017 according to the report. A K-9 Officer was utilized to search the room in which Samantha Cox taught and the dog alerted on Cox’s desk. Inside the desk, officers found a “clear tightly twisted up bag with multiple small pieces of rolled-up tin foil.” Samantha Cox was then arrested.

While at the St. John Police Station, Cox admitted that she had purchased $160 worth of “dope” cocaine from her dealer prior to arriving at school according to the sworn affidavit. “Ms. Cox advised that she normally purchases her dope after school but that she was feeling and needed to get some” the report continues. “Ms. Cox advised that at 10:20 a.m. she was on break with her classroom door locked. Ms Cox advised that is when she did the dope. . . .Ms. Cox advised she has been doing dope since her freshman year of college, approximately 4 years ago” the sworn affidavit states.

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