Region in National News Again and It is Not Good

Story of Lake Central teacher apparently ingesting heroin and cocaine in classroom creates headlines nationwide

November 24, 2017-St. John Police have identified the teacher in the photo above as 24 year old teacher Samantha Cox. According to the statement from Police, Cox was arrested on November 22 and charges of possessing an illegal narcotic drug on school property are pending. According to St. John Police Chief James Kveton, “this information was brought to the attention of school administration by student witnesses . . . ” According to published reports, Cox was ingesting a mixture of heroin and cocaine in a classroom. In fact, according to video posted to social media sites (see the full video below), Cox can be seen laying out a white powdery substance on a book in a manner that is known to be associated with snorting drugs. Cox then turns her back to the door and, although the video continues, students can no longer see what she is doing.

The Gazette described this video as “deeply disturbing” at the time it was released. National news outlets have now picked up on the story and it is trending in various social media outlets. Newsweek ran the headline “TEACHER WAS DOING DRUGS IN A CLASSROOM AS STUDENTS CAUGHT HER ON VIDEO” and cited two other recent incidents of teachers being arrested on drug charges in the classroom from around the Country. The Daily Mail UK blasted “Indiana teacher, 24, is marched out of high school in handcuffs after being filmed by students ‘snorting cocaine’ in the classroom.” Similarly, the major networks, AP and Reuters all picked up the story and transmitted it nationwide with similar headlines detailing the fact that students witnessed the teacher doing drugs on school property.

The following video has been viewed over 200,000 times.

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  1. Hell, the real question is how many elected officials are using product, selling product and slinging their stuff around makin babies?

    Wasn’t it known a powerful Lake County Dem was sling hash, having a relationship with a young intern. Understand she got a relatively good job at it, on the dole.

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