EC Post Office Pipe Bomber Facing New Charges

November 9, 2017-US Attorney Thomas L. Kirsch announced today that Munster engineer and former candidate for Lake County Surveyor has been charged in a 5 count indictment in relation to the East Chicago Post Office pipe bombing incident. On September 6, 2017, a pregnant US Postal Worker was injured in the East Chicago Post Office when a pipe bomb that had been sent through the mail exploded. The Gazette later broke the story that the bomb was intended for an individual who contracted with the City of Hammond. Later, a threatening letter was sent to a Hammond City Employee and that threat appears to be the basis for Count 5 of the indictment.

Krieg has been in custody since his arrest on October 12, 2017. At that time he was charged with possession and transportation of an explosive device. At the press conference regarding that arrest, US Attorney Kirsch indicated that additional charges were expected.

Krieg was indicted on the following charges:

* Count 1- Making an Unregistered Destructive Device

* Count 2- Mailing a Destructive Device

* Count 3- Malicious Use of Explosive Materials

* Count 4- Possessing a Destructive Device In Furtherance of a Crime of

* Count 5- Mailing a Threatening Communication

The indictment alleges that an explosion took place at an U. S. Postal facility in East Chicago, Indiana on or about September 6, 2017 injuring a Postal Service employee (Victim 2). The package that exploded was addressed to Victim 1. The indictment also alleges that on or about September 29, 2017, a suspicious package
was mailed to Victim 3 that contained a threat to injure Victim 3.

U.S. Attorney Kirsch said, “When individuals use dangerous, explosive devices as the means to commit or attempt to commit violent acts, those individuals will be held accountable for their actions. We will continue to partner with our Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies to vigorously investigate and prosecute all
manner of violent crime.”

The United States Attorney’s office emphasizes that an Indictment is merely an allegation and that all persons are presumed innocent until, and unless proven guilty in court.

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