Hobart, Hammond School Referenda Pass Voter Scrutiny

November 7, 2017-Hobart and Hammond voters have both approved tax increases for their schools. After a contentious race, Hammond voters have approved two ballot questions which will provide $180M for the schools. Hammond saw a large turnout and a close vote. With 100% of precincts reporting, the final tally in Hammond for Public Question 1 was:

7978 ballots
Yes 3711
No 2998

Question 2
Yes 3560
No 3106

Yes 1561
No 729

Yes 1537
No 736


    • Why would you want to leave a city this

      * Close proximity to Chicago
      * Nationally Ranked College
      * Beautiful Full Service Hospital
      * Excellent Food. ( El Taco, Stella Vie, Zel’s , Stuffed Pepper)
      * Excellent Water
      * Soon to be Fantastic School System
      * New Sports Complex
      * And our very own Carson’s

      All of this you would leave just to pay more taxes on lets say infrastructure needs and the SCHOOLS in another city?

  1. You forgot about the bike paths and baseball diamonds. Really? If one could rent space in a time machine and go back 40 years, would they choose to live in Hammond knowing that it’s better days were never just around the corner and never a few more dollars of taxation away? What has HAST wrought? What has a decade of college bound brought? 180 million in additional spending gives hope. False hope.

  2. The Times just had an article about how only 13.9% of the registered voters in Hammond voted. Hobart only had 14.3% of registered voters who bothered to vote.
    Voter apathy wins again.

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