Hammond Woman Faces List of Charges After Vehicle Pursuit

Photo provided. All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

October 25, 2017-A Hammond woman is in custody after fleeing from Indiana State Troopers. According to a statement, the passenger in the vehicle threw a beer can at police and told Troopers that the driver was “too drunk to pay the toll fee.”

The report continues “Trooper Kenneth Payonk arrived during this time. As Hamed approached the driver’s window, he observed a Hispanic female, later identified as Jacqueline A. Castillo, 32 of Hammond, in the driver’s seat. There were open containers of alcohol strewn across the entire inside of the Buick; and an overwhelming odor of alcoholic beverage. Castillo stated she did not have a license or identification on her and yelled an expletive at Hamed before putting the Buick in drive and fleeing. Hamed pursued at this time.

The Buick continued east bound at an erratic, high rate of speed, exiting the Toll Road onto Calumet Avenue. The Buick went left (south bound) on Calumet Avenue from 131st Street and then entered a gas station in the 3300 block of Calumet Avenue where it drove through the lot and crashed into a pole behind the gas station. Castillo got out of the Buick and kept advancing in the trooper’s direction with her hands in enclosed fists in an aggressive manner. All attempts to get Castillo to obey their clear commands were ignored. Castillo also received multiple warnings that she would be Tased. She refused to comply and was Tased. Emergency Medical Service was immediately requested at the scene.

Castillo was taken to Saint Margaret’s Franciscan Hospital in Hammond where Castillo attacked a nurse and had to be restrained. She was eventually medically cleared and taken to Lake County Jail in Crown Point. Castillo tested over 3x the legal limit for alcohol in Indiana (.08%), she had a Blood Alcohol Content of .27%. The passenger was released at the scene.”

Jacqueline A. Castillo, 32 of Hammond charged with:

Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle, Level 6 Felony
Resisting Law Enforcement, Class A Misdemeanor
Battery, Class A Misdemeanor
Operating While Intoxicated, Class A Misdemeanor
Reckless Driving, Class B Misdemeanor
Failure to Identify, Class C Misdemeanor
Obstructing Traffic, Class C Misdemeanor
Operating a Vehicle without ever being Licensed, Class C Misdemeanor
Open Container, Class C Misdemeanor
Improper Headlights, Infraction
Disregarding Traffic Control Device, Infraction

All criminal defendants are to be presumed innocent until, and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.


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