Mandy’s Ride to Symbolize Service to Others

“In honor of Mandy’s hero, Spc. John Chrzanowski these bikers are going to . . .raise awareness that life is too short and we have to seize every opportunity to pay it forward”

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September 8, 2017-The Miller family and the Ewing family invite you to participate in a celebration of service to others on Saturday September 9, 2017. Mandy Ewing was born with cerebral palsy which has left her confined to a wheel chair. As a student at Morton High School, Mandy was befriended by John Chrzanowski. John later joined the US Army where he served in Iraq and rose to the rank of Specialist. The family describes the event as follows:

John Chrzanowski knew Mandy for years, they were great friends, but Mandy is
confined to her wheelchair from being born with cerebral Palsy. Mandy as a child
always asked her mother when was she going to grow up and be able to run or ride a
bike like a “real kid?” John Chrzanowski would visit her often to tease her by
stealing concrete goose and hiding it or jumping out to scare her when she sat
outside watching the “real” kids at play.

John enlisted and went off to Iraq but he kept in touch with Mandy. When John
finally was home and putting his life together he suffered from ptsd, he was
different, troubled. John served in Kuwait/Iraq during operation Iraqi Freedomand
was awarded the National Defensw Service ribbons. John was assigned to the 853rd TTP
Army Reserve unit in Hobart Indiana when his ptsd got the better of him and John
took his own life. This devastated many but Mandy was one of the most hurt to have
lost “her soldier”!

Tomorrow, September 9, 2017 johns mother Linda Miller and stepfather Scott Miller
have organized a large group of motorcyclists to pick up Mandy at her home then take
her on a Harley to a special location to make Mandy’s dream come true in come ration
of “her soldier!” I am not privy to what the surprise is as I’m Mandy’s aunt and
they tell me I too will be blown away when I see how these selfless men and women,
some not even knowing each other or Mandy but dedicated to fulfilling Mandy’s dream
making her be just like “a REAL KID!” I think this story is so deep and caring not
death, racism related, no violence, or politics just love and compassion deserving
to be shared on the news, please help us change lives that can’t deal with PTSD and
depression, also show children with special needs that nothing can’t be achieved if
you put your heart into it.

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