What We Know About Person of Interest in Hessville Homicide and Rapes

“What if a juvenile court judge decided to release this violent predator, would anyone even tell us?” Hessville resident who lives near the scene of the Lucia Gonzales homicide

Detectives and Crime Scene Officers process a scene in the 7400 block of Alexander Avenue on Thursday.

August 28, 2017-Lucia Gonzales may have walked past her murderer’s house many times according to information compiled exclusively by the Gazette. Lucia was brutally bludgeoned in her home on August 21, 2017 according to Hammond Police. At the time of the murder, Police suggested that it was “an isolated incident and that there is no indication that the public is in danger.” That report was based on the fact that there was no forced entry into the home at the time of the murder. However, the report of a person of interest in the case changes things dramatically.

Police are under a gag order and cannot provide many details about the case so we spoke to neighbors today who were, understandably, shaken and afraid to have their names used publicly. Nonetheless, according to neighbors, Lucia pulled a wagon with her two young children up and down her quiet neighborhood block nearly every day. She would have walked right down the 7400 block of Alexander. It is possible that the individual who police now say is a person of interest may have watched the young woman walk by on multiple occasions. It is likely that he followed her at some point to determine where she lived. It is even possible the 15 year old engaged in banter or conversation with her on occasion to earn her trust before showing up at her home armed with a knife.

Last Thursday neighbors reported to the Gazette that a young male was removed from a residence in handcuffs about a block away from the Gonzales residence. As shown in the photo, above, detectives and crime scene officers can clearly be seen working at a house in the 7400 block of Alexander. Neighbors stated that the 15 year old, presumably the person of interest in the homicide and rapes, stayed in the home with his father off and on. Neighbors say the mother of the person of interest lives in Hessville also and that may explain the two different crime areas. Recent court records show an address in Michigan City for the mother, however. Nonetheless, it is very likely that the person of interest was a semi-regular resident in a home just one block from the homicide of Lucia Gonzales and just two blocks from the scene of the August 8 rape.


  1. try this animal as an adult, you wont rehabilitate this person, at 15 he’s gone, he knows right from wrong, and the parents should be hung also. He does not deserve the right to be in proper society, murder and 2 rapes!! its time to start protecting society from these monsters and quit babyin them.

  2. What the he’ll is this world, country, state, county, city, neighborhood coming to? Nobody is safe anywhere anymore.

  3. Are you a hobbyist or a journalist? You restate the facts in the case in the first paragraph and then proceed to delve into two paragraphs of empty wildly speculative vamping. Is this website a place where you can play “Guess Who?” with MURDER suspects?

    What if the person of interest wore a red t-shirt and received mail? What if the person of interest had a hot dog in the vicinity of his/her victim? It is possible that the person of interest rode a bicycle or drove a car or used a skateboard or hoverboard or developed his/her own means of transportation…

    If you’re going to represent the Region, please think about what you post and why you’re posting it and stop with this clickbait.

  4. I do not understand why everyone was quick to say “isolated incident”. Several news crews from Chicago came out here to report on this tragedy and were visibly frustrated with the lack of information provided to the public. I do not recall our police force providing an interview on the day of the tragedy. I assume it’s because they did not believe the “isolated incident” theory themselves. In addition, the lame excuse as to why “isolated incident” was put out there (no forced entry) only furthers my disappointment. That said, my condolences to the family of the victim. I really hope that the individual responsible is off the streets and held accountable.

  5. Really!
    I typically to do not post comments although I have plenty of time on my hands. I felt the constructive criticism was warranted.
    By suggesting I find something better to do with my time suggests to me that you have a dog in the fight. Therefore, I will be moving on, unless…

  6. My apologies, I thought the previous reply was directed towards my comment.

    Although, it was not meant for me, I will find something better to do.

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