Dog Fighting Parks Director/Animal Control Officer to Keep Parks Job . . .for now

According to a plea agreement to be entered in federal court, Jakubowski admitted to “exhibiting” in one “dog roll fight”, transferring two dogs to a dog fighter, housing dogs for a dog fighter in the City shelter and providing a prescription drug to a dog fighter

August 25, 2017-Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura says he is still gathering evidence regarding allegations against Martin Jakubowski. Jakubowski agreed yesterday to plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of “a knowing violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.” The specific admissions, outlined above, seem to go far beyond the convicted conduct of providing antibiotics to a known dog fighter. According to the statement from Acting United States Attorney Clifford D. Johnson, Jakubowski was caught as a result of a nationwide dog fighting investigation called Operation Grand Champion. ( You can see that release Here)

For now, the Mayor says Jakubowski has been relieved of all duties associated with his role as director of animal control but will remain on as parks director. “I want answers as to whether he was intentionally helping in dog fighting” Stahura told the Gazette. Stahura repeatedly said that Jakubowski is a “good guy” who has done a lot of good for animals and the City of Whiting. An “acquaintance put the pressure on him to act stupid and he did” Stahura stated adding that Jakubowski is the kind of guy that would help anyone who asked. According to records maintained by the State of Indiana, Jakubowski earned just over $73,000 last year as Whiting Parks Director. It is unclear if that amount included a stipend for being animal control director.

Please tell us in the comments, should Martin Jakubowski keep his job as parks director? We are especially interested in hearing from animal rescue groups in the area. You may also email comments to or contact us via our Facebook page or or via Twitter direct messaging.


  1. Excuse me please but he is not a good guy and he should not keep his job. Of coarse he knew exactly what he was doing. Anyone that deals with animals would know never to do anything close to this. I am from Indiana and this sickens me to know a person in authority would do this and to only have a misdemeanor against him. This is exactly why the United States should have strict laws against these charges and many many more.
    And one more question. Why is a mayor doing an investigation and not a judge and detectives ?

    • There’s no way in H E double hockey stick should he be allowed to keep that nice gravy job he has as parks director there’s no way he should 0even remain a free man, he should 99be jailed. I am the last person to play the race card but if Marty Jakubowski was black he would have already been in jail. Mayor Stahura needs to really carefully consider his decision and how keeping this guy employed may not only cost him his job but he should be investigated to find out his involvement in all this, considering that 13 years ago Marty was involved in dog fighting and Joe Stahura allowed him to keep his job after that scandalous event. I never thought of Joe Stahura as politician but now his inner politician is starting to show as far as he is already back pedaling and talking in circles and this may affect any chance at re-election. I was under the impression that the initial funding for a Whiting animal shelter came from a private citizen i will not name names in case i am mistaken, she has got to be livid if its true and it’s who I think it is.

  2. Is this why some of our dogs can’t be found ? This make me sick . He stole medicine from 2 sick cats. This is a felony with jail time. Working all those years supposedly for the animals and instead housing dog fighting dogs.He knew what he was doing and no good guy lets animals be torture over and over again and pretending to help save animals. Do you think we are stupid ? WTF where are the morals here you piece of shit. Then the mayor is giving him a job. I say come election time get all you money hungry pieces of shit out of office. Matter of fact can we just put you all in a dog fighting ring not feed the dogs for a week and let them tear your ugly face apart, maybe some ball busting and eating. Can we get the satisfaction of seeing the pain on your faces when your being ripped apart and hurt can we sell tickets to this event ? I would pay my life savings. This is utterly unprofessional and come election time may you all be broke and doing some serious jail time. Make me sick I have to pay taxes to a city and town with a mayor and his buddies that allow torture and pain to helpless voiceless some one’s fur baby Also I want to know what happened to the pitties that were family member’s and never were found. I want a investigation into what dogs he released to the dog fighter ring. I demand jail time and big fines. And may you all rot in hell

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