Gary Police Cruiser to be Featured in Memphis Expo

Source: Gary Police Department

August 21, 2017-According to Lt. Dawn Westerfiled, Gary Police Officer Shanesha Emmons heads to Memphis this week to be part of the Police Fleet Expo in Memphis, Tennessee. The Expo features police vehicles from around the nation of various makes and models. Officer Emmons will be displaying one of the Gary Police Department’s new Ford Explorers. The Expo gives law enforcement entities a forum to display vehicles and observe how other departments are getting the most out of equipment.

Officer Emmons has served with the Gary Police Department for nine years and was featured on Undercover Boss with Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson.

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  1. The Police Expo will look like a Ford showroom!
    Almost all departments use the Explorer EXCEPT maybe for Beverly Hills, California who had Cadillacs!
    Then there is The Secret Service/FBI with all those Tahoes’

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