Gary Man Gets 42 1/2 Years in Hammond 7-11 Robbery/Murder

Surveillance footage provided

Auust 15, 2017-A Gary Man was sentenced to 510 months in Federal Prison after pleading guilty to armed robbery and use of a firearm to cause death during a crime of violence. According to a statement from Acting United States Attorney Clifford D. Johnson, Eric M. Dillon, 28, of Gary, Indiana was sentenced before Judge Philip P. Simon. Dillon received consecutive sentences of 240 months and 270 months. he charges resulted from the January 2016 brutal murder of a 7-11 employee in Hammond. The robbery was caught on tape and created public outrage as the video showed the shooting of clerk Roger Unton. Unton was described as a hard working man who took a night job at the convenience store to make ends meet. At the time of the shooting, Hammond Police Chief John Doughty described the then unknown perpetrator as an “animalistic predator, who clearly has no value for human life.”

This case was the result of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Hammond Police Department with assistance from the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office. The case was handled by Assistant United States Attorneys Thomas M. McGrath and Jennifer Chang.


  1. Are you not kidding!!!?? This gives young shooters the idea that they can conspire to commit murder and get only 20 years for it and possibly parole out in 10-4 good time? This man dressed up like a hidden demon, went out intending to kill someone innocent and not even intending to get money because if he could read the signs they says 7-Eleven has only $30 on hand at any given time! Maybe he should have thought about Jesus Christ, and martying himself, I dont know, instead of pleading guilty only to avoid the death penalty.? He could have at the least apologized to his 90 year old mother, wife and family in the court room but no….which only means he has no remorse and will likely repeat it at any chance he gets. Praying for all

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