Guest Commentary: One Region, One Vision has NO Room for “Trigger Happy Neighbors with Guns”

by John Ramos

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August 2, 2017-In an editorial over the weekend, the Times editorial Board launches an all out attack on residents of large portions of northwest Indiana. “Region’s rural shooting galleries must stop” ( The Times Editorial Board engages in a multi-pronged propaganda campaign to form the basis of what is sure to be an all out assault on the lifestyles of rural regionites. First, we identify a problem where there is none-the idea that the firing of weapons in rural areas is a growing public health crisis. Second, present a vague solution to the created problem-”Those bent on being irresponsible need to be hit with the full letter of the law.” Then conclude by doubling down, exaggerating the problem further and calling for even stronger governmental control-”Lives are at risk. No gun ownership or land rights trump the safety and security of citizens. “

When I first read the article, I thought it was about taking away the rights of law abiding citizens and that is certainly the point. Further analysis, reveals the reasons they are pushing an agenda that requires them to assault the rights of many of their own readers.

The Times article states “The growth is important to increasing NW Indiana’s tax base and creating new housing stock to attract and retain residents”. People move out to the country to get away from the congestion and crime of the cities. The Times suggests that they have no right to do so, that their rights must be surrendered to the will of the majority. What is the basis of this argument? One Region/One Vision is based upon the United Nations One World/One Vision mission which surrenders the right of the individual to the will of the political elite. The long term plan is to create “urban centers” where people are to live in government subsidized multi-family housing and commute to work using public transit. While this is one vision for the future of the region, it is one shared by only a small, but powerful, group who stand to profit from the transformation.

What is the government after? They are looking to unincorporated areas for tax revenue. They will then try to redistribute this tax revenue to poorer communities under the guise of “regionalism.” These are untapped areas of more taxable land and people. In the country, let’s say you have one person for every 5 acres of land, well if they develop the land (pay to play) they can get 40 people for every 5 acres of land by building apartment buildings and federally subsidized housing projects. See how the numbers work in their favor. It then makes more taxable people per square foot. This in turn makes for a more congested living spaces, which means the government has more power and control over those people because now they are in one location. This is where the government then uses the power of the “ordinance” to control behavior by “fining” the serf into submission. Most towns and cities have an “officer” who’s only job is to check for ordinance violations. It’s easy money. Want to put a roof on your own home? You better have bought a permit. You want to get rid of some old stuff? You better have a permit for that garage sale. Lake County has over 130 different ordinances with sub sections inside those 130 ordinances ( Lake County has proven they are not fiscally responsible, why would we want to give them more money or power or control?

The One Region/One Vision group should be a concern to all region residents. By its own admission, it was founded by politicians, the press and corporations to force an agenda on the people. Hal Slager, Ed Soliday, Charlie Brown and Eddie Melton are state lawmakers who are all aboard the One Region/One Vision bandwagon. Then we have The Council of 16+ which is comprised of elected officials from every municipality in Lake County who meet monthly to advance the One Region agenda. Purdue Chancellor Thomas Keon is co-chair of the shadowy organization. NIPSCO and the NWI Times are the corporate sponsors of this agenda driven organzation. (

Now back to the firearms issue. Firearms are tools used for various purposes by those in our society. Just because someone uses a firearm incorrectly does not give the government the right to take away the rights of everyone that is following the law. The Indiana Constitution Article 1, Section 32 states: “Section 32. The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.” ( Unless One Region & NW Times can change the Indiana Constitution, they can go pound sand.

Besides the Indiana Constitution there are some US Supreme Court cases you may want to read before you go and put your safety and security in government. Those are DeShaney v Winnebago County Department of Social Services, Warren v District of Columbia, Riss v City of New York and a few others ( What you will find when you read these is that government had no duty to protect the individual. That means you and you alone are responsible for the safety of you and your family. Yet these liberals want you to take away your protection and make you believe they will protect you. Do not believe them for one second. The average response time for a police officer is roughly 10 minutes nation wide ( Believe it or not, East Chicago had the fastest response time in the nation, with an average of 2 minutes response time before The E911 Center took over– you go EC!

I’m going to have to go along with Aaron Weiss on this one and say that my rights override your psychological government protection. (
John Ramos
Griffith, IN

John Ramos is a retired police officer with over 28 years of service. He is a certified ILEA firearms instructor and an NRA pistol instructor. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He is the author of The Book of Room Domination and Assault Techniques. He has written articles for The Tactical Edge, Survival Life and several other publications. He is listed in Who’s Who under Law Enforcement Educators. otheother publications. He is listed in Who’s Who under Law Enforcement Educators.


  1. In response to not only Mr. Ramos but to the Times’s Communist – leaning Editorial Board, there are over 493,000 active gun licenses in Indiana (1 out of every 10 residents) and over 32,000 in Lake County alone.
    The first people to take away guns in the U.S. were not Democrats or Liberals, but Republicans. (WHAT!)
    Please read the history of the Mulford act, signed by no less, Republican Governor Ronald Regan whom later became President of the United States. I guess it was ok for the White-sheeted KKK to carry rifles in the streets, but
    not them damned Negros?

    Urban “centers” do not guarantee a profitable tax base for the government. These cities have a habit of decaying in a short amount of time. That is why the part of the Midwest from Michigan to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are called the rust belt. Certain types of jobs become the majority and even the slightest economic upheaval or trade imbalance or even simply poor political judgement can make industries collapse over night. Look at Gary, Detroit, Cleveland, etc.

    Consider that the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers in this country pay little to no taxes and are usually given tax credits in the form of payments on their tax returns. The cost to them of being a citizen is essentially free.
    Though Mr. Ramos mentions the despicable city ordinance officer and his tax loving ways, he fails to mention the money grabbing Law Enforcement efforts of speeding tickets, traffic control “Blitzes”and other tickets and fines that create large amounts of citizen paid – for overtime that result in little to no reduction in crime or compliance to said laws, not to mention most of these actions border on being unconstitutional. So, where will these “Regional Authorites” get their tax money? Just like Lake and Cook County, Illinois, do. Create Taxing bodies and user fees; tax your sugary drink, your coffee, your parking spot, your previously free roads – hey, aren’t Republicans against taxes and more government?

    I have no opposition to urban sprawl or rual sprawl. But let’s speak truth to truth. If you didn’t move so far away from everybody else, I wouldn’t have to pay so much in taxes myself. You live so far away from the next city or town that your kids (and other 10,000 people you tried to get way from in the first place) that they have to be bused to school. That means more people to hire, more new schools to build and maintain and lo and behold, ANOTHER TAXING BODY – another school board! They will float bonds, maintain the new football field and buy new uniforms every year. There will be a new town mayor, police force and ordinance officer to boot.

    The only people to profit will be the same that always do. The Lawyers the Bankers and the Real Estate agents. And those they pay to line their pockets.

  2. John Ramos and Christopher Benjamin both make solid arguments for their points of view.
    Here’s a question to ponder, with all the financial misdeeds in Illinois, where are all these jobs that South Shore Line extension is promising?
    More and more I feel we are being sold a bill of goods that will only benefit those who already control the outcome!

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