Fesko Cancels RDA Board Meeting . . . .Again

Under the Visclosky/RDA plan, the Ridge Road corridor in Munster would be transformed into an urban wall”

August 4, 2017-While the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) staff works diligently to try to “transform” the region into an extension of the City of Chicago, Chairman of the Board Donald Fesko cancelled yet another meeting which was scheduled for August 10, 2017. The Board of Directors of the RDA is responsible for oversight of the bureaucracies budget which was $31M in 2015 according to an audit by Whittaker & Co. (see http://in.gov/rda/files/RDA_AR_2015_1(1).pdf ) The Board of the RDA met just four times in 2016 and has met twice so far this year. Despite that, staff is working diligently with KPMG, an investment firm to obtain creative financing for a $5B project which would bring multi-family housing mixed with retail development to communities throughout the region.

You can read more about the RDA-Slager-Vislcosky Regional Transformation Plan on our page dedicated to the issue.


  1. As usual, the NWI Gazette tells it like it is,ugly though it may be. We’re already importing the Chicago criminals,just wait and see what happens!

  2. That looks ugly. I do not want Ridge Road looking like that. That is not ‘quaint’. They keep touting multi-family buildings but have they thought of the ramifications of this idea? That kind of multi family crap brings what? Children. What do children need starting at age 5? School! There is no way Eads can handle that kind of influx of kids. WWMS definitly cannot and the high school cannot. So what then? Build a new Eads? A totally new school? Where? A new middle school? Where? High school? Where? And since the RDA has full access to take money as they see fit, how are these schools going to be built? How are teachers going to be paid?
    We dont want nor do we need this stupid train. We dont need more Chicago ilk coming here and commiting crime. We get enough of it from Lansing, Cal City and Gary.

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