Sheriff Suggests Delay in Trial

August 3, 2017-Attorneys for Lake County Sheriff John Buncich are suggesting that the Court should delay the August 7, 2017 trial by a week or two. In a written pleading filed yesterday, Buncich attorneys did not ask, but suggested it may be better, if the Court would pick a jury on the August 7 date as planned and then allow the jury to leave until August 14 or August 21:

” . . . the Defense, although not formally requesting, suggests that it may be preferable to pick the jury
on August 7, 2017 and once selected ordered back August 14 or 21, 2017 so that these matters
may be addressed . . . ” Buncich Response to Sealed Government Filing of July 31, 2017

The Motion comes after what appears to be a contentious paper battle over surveillance tapes. The Government sought an Order “from introducing un-played portions of surveillance tapes by the government based
upon the completeness doctrine.” According to the Response, the defense simply said, we don’t know what the Government plans to introduce so we cannot respond to the Motion. The Government then provided “multiple dozens of hours of tapes . . .and over 1,000 pages of transcripts” to defense counsel on July 31, 2017. The Response goes on to point out that it is “physically impossible” to review all of the documents prior to a deadline of August 4.

The Court has not yet ruled on the issue and probably will not issue a ruling until the day of trial.

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