Towing Operator at Center of Sheriff Case Gets a New Charge

July 27, 2017-Federal officials today filed a charge of failure to file a tax return for the year 2016 against William Szarmach. According to the indictment, Szarmach, operator of CSA Towing, earned in excess of $75,000 in 2016 and owed $17,000 in income taxes but failed to file a federal return. Szarmach is facing trial on August 7 along with Lake County Sheriff John Buncich. According to the indictment in that case, Szarmach provided kickbacks to Sheriff Buncich in exchange for receiving county towing business. Both have pleaded not guilty but Szarmach’s attorney indicated in a prior court proceeding that a plea was expected.

The new charges were filed separately from the existing charges. Had they been filed together, the August 7, 2017 would have certainly been postponed. It is possible, although purely speculative, that the new charges were a result of plea negotiations between the parties and the new charge will provide the basis for Szarmach’s plea agreement.

All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.

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