Hammond Police Issue Warning After Increase in Gang Graffitti

Police urge residents to report graffitti immediately and report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1

July 12, 2017-Hammond Police are asking the public to remain vigilant after a noted increase in gang graffitti from the street gang Aztec Souls. The Aztec Souls are a local street gang with ties to Chicago according to the statement. Police say the graffitti has been reported primarily off of Gostlin Street from Gostlin Street to Sheffield Avenue. Police stress they are working diligently to solve the problem and issued this alert to seek assistance from the public. GRAFFITTI VANDALISM IS A CRIME call 9-1-1 immediately if you see graffitti in your neighborhood. Police also ask residents to use motion sensor lights and increase lighting in alleys and dark areas.


  1. Republican Reply

    If I even see one with paint in their possession,I’m calling 911. If a streetlight is out,call
    1-800-4NIPSCO or use https://nipsco.streetlightoutages.com/map/default.html

  2. doris Reply

    Democrat society

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