NIRPC Seeks Your Input-If You Don’t Know What NIRPC is or Does, It is Even More Important That You Answer the Survey

July 12, 2017-The Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission is responsible for transportation planning in the region. Residents have very little opportunity for input into the plans which NIRPC crafts but they are required to ask you once every 4 years how they are doing. If you do not know who NIRPC is, we hope you will take a moment to learn. Some of the specific questions which are asked in the short survey relate to how accessible the meetings are for region residents and how much information is shared. If you are not familiar with NIRPC activities, now is the time to fill out the survey and let them know they are doing a horrific job of providing information to the people of Northwest Indiana.

Below is the news release sent out by NIRPC, with the link to the survey:

Every four years, the Federal Highway Adminsitration (FHWA) and Federal Transit
Administration (FTA) conduct a Certification Review of the planning activities of
the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC). As part of this process,
a survey has been created seeking feedback on the effectiveness of the overall planning
Please take a few minutes and let us know your thoughts by following the link below
to the survey.

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