Feds Supboena Towing Companies to Grand Jury

June 30, 2017-The case against former Lake County Democratic Chair/Sheriff John Buncich is heating up. At a hearing on June 20, 2017, CSA Towing operator William Szarmach indicated that he “anticipates the likelihood of filing a plea agreement” according to Court documents. A plea agreement would likely be filed prior to the August 7, 2017 trial date. That would mean two co-defendants, Willie Szarmach and former Lake County Police Chief Tim Downes, would likely testify against Sheriff Buncich in open court.

This week the Gazette learned of the possibility of new charges being filed in the matter. According to a source close to the investigation, several area towing companies were supboenaed to testify before a grand jury next month. A grand jury is utilized to bring criminal charges in federal court. A subpoena compels the attendance of the witness and failure to appear may result in arrest.

For more on grand jury procedure, see Federalcharges.com What to Expect in a Grand Jury Indictment Investigation

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