Gary Police Warn of Tire Flattening Devices and Subsequent Robberies

Social media has been discussing the issue for months, Gary Police today acknowledged the issue of individuals intentionally flattening tires in order to rob drivers

June 16, 2016-Gary Police today warned of a scheme whereby individuals are placing nails in the roadway in order to disable vehicles and possibly rob drivers. The robbery scheme has been circulating on social media since early spring but this acknowledgement of the issue by Gary Police is the first official statement on the issue. According to a release, All community members be aware, today in the 3200 block of Georgia Street several devices were located that are meant to flatten vehicle tires. Once you exit your vehicle the subjects that placed the devices will attempt to rob you. If you are faced with a situation of this manner, keep your vehicle doors locked, pull off the road at a public location where others are present and call for assistance. Report an suspicious activity of this nature to the police immediately.

Photos of similar bottle cap/nail devices found in Gary’s Miller section were previously posted on Facebook. USA, LLC

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  1. Repete Reply

    I’d love to see the scum doing this get a big surprise.

    • Wanda Reply

      Yea, like a bullet to the brain. They need to get a job.

  2. Carol L Portis Reply

    Well it happen to my 2016 Ram 1500 early this morning cost us big bucks to repair got the man car behind me too

  3. John Reply

    Yep these dummies got me 22 inch custom rim can with my 2016 tahoe, cost me $400 because it punctured the side wall and flat surface area. I hope it happens again with the cowards waiting for heavy artillery!!

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