Scandal in Juvenile Court? Magistrate and Referee Leave Suddenly and No One is Talking

May 29, 2016-Shortly after the alleged sex scandal involving Lake County Recorder Mike Brown broke, two judicial officers in the Lake County Juvenile Court abruptly left. According to a source within county government, the two were removed from their positions by Judge Thomas Stefaniak but the Court has no statement on the issue. The postings above make clear that the Court will be filling a vacant magistrate and referee spot, but Court Chief Deputy Timothy Gericke would not comment on the matter. We asked Gericke if he could simply confirm that two magistrates had left and he declined to do so. The Gazette then reached out through channels, attempting to obtain information from other employees in the Court. No one is willing to talk about the situation.

The Gazette will continue to try to obtain information regarding this incident and pass it along to Lake County residents.

If you have information regarding this incident or others at the Lake County Government Center that you believe taxpayers have a right to know, please e-mail us at

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