Man Shot to Death in Gary

According to a statement from Lt. Dawn Westerfield of the Gary Police Department, “on May 22, 2017 approximately 7:30 pm the Gary Police Department responded to a call for service in the 2100 block of Carolina Street regarding a gun shot victim. Upon officers arrival a male was discovered with what appeared to be gun shot wounds. The
male was transported to an area hospital where he later perished from his injuries. Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey has not yet issued a report on the homicide and the identity of the victim will be provided when it becomes available.

UPDATE: Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey identified the victim as 39 year old Sherrod Carter of the 2000 Block of Madison Gary, IN. A gun shot wound was noted and the case is being investigated as a homicide according to the report from Coroner Frey.

The investigation is in its early stages and no further information is available at this time. Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact the Lake County/Gary Metro Homicide Unit at 219-755-3855.


  1. The mayor needs to do her job instead of sitting on her ass and not picking up the phone and call Marshall law into effect as of now.. it don’t make you look less then a mayor to ask for help with your city.. you ran for office and you knew what this job details.. so do your job and save our family and children.. or get out of office if you can’t do what the job details.

  2. Gary, Indiana aways in families business,for all the wrong situations.But when someone love one gets hurt.or even die on the streets of Gary.You won’t and can’t get the HELP you need”Mayor” please get help and to rebuild Gary again.Or maybe tear down the raggly little City,and relocate families to better cities.Gary, Indiana has nothing to offer especially trying to raise your children.Just get out of the DUMP!!!!!

  3. If carter would have just been SOBER AND NOT UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL maybe he would have remembered he had a restraining order and a long paper trail of police reports. HE SHOULD HAVE JUST LEFT THAT FAMILY ALONE AND MINDED HIS OWN BUSINESS INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE A LITTLE KID AND CAUSING PROBLEMS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. I DONT FEEL BAD NOT ONE BIT! Keep your head up Trout!

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