Former Kingsford Heights Clerk-Treasurer Charged With Theft for Claiming Hours She Did Not Work

Source: Indiana State Police

May 22, 2017-According to a release from the Indiana State Police, a former elected clerk-treasurer in Kingsford Heights, Indiana was taken into custody today and charged with two counts of theft and one count of official misconduct today. “The Indiana State Police were asked to investigate in April 2017 when the town attorney for Kingsford Heights noticed a problem with the time sheets being submitted for hours claimed but not worked.”

According to the Statement, “Preliminary investigation by Detective Mike Bailey revealed that the position of clerk treasurer in the town of Kingsford Heights is paid hourly not salary, and that a review of the time sheets showed that Patricia Arnett, 46 of Kingsford Heights, was not working the hours she claimed.”

State Police say that Arnett assumed office in January 2016 and resigned some time in April, 2017. She was taken into custody and transported to the LaPorte County Jail earlier today according to the statement.

No word on how all of those referrals from the Office of the Lake County Prosecutor are coming along.

All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.


  1. Ms. Arnett is also involved in the corruption with the water and sewerage billing of Kingsford Heights residents. For years, residents have been billed for over inflated estimates of water usage instead of actual usage and sewerage fees are based on the water usage. Lines to the water meters were either never hooked up or were cut. This has been going on for years, the victims are largely lower income families and the elderly. Who will step in and correct this and make restitution to these people? How much more will be taken from residents to fund a cover up? Do we make a report with ISP, the US Marshal’s Office, the IN State Auditors office or some other agency?

  2. I would strongly recommend that Kingsford Heights residents examine their water meters to ensure that they are recording actual water usage. Go over your utility bills to see if you’re being billed based on actual usage or an estimate. Note how long the estimate has been used. My elderly parents were paying for estimated usage for YEARS without my or their knowledge. Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order.

  3. Come on residents of Kingsford Heights! This is your chance to be heard, since people who attend town meetings are not allowed to speak!

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