Lexi is Home Safely After Rescue by State Trooper

Lexi’s owner Jen says she hopes to thank trooper personally

May 17, 2017-Lexi, the pit bull mix rescued by Indiana State Trooper Corey Adam yesterday, is home safely according to Jen Shannon, the dog’s owner. Jen says she is very grateful to Trooper Adam for rescuing Lexi. “She snuck off her collar and ran” Jen told the Gazette. “We looked for her all night, who knew that I would just have to look on the news.” Jen was surprised at all the attention Lexi garnered on her excursion, posting on social media:

She’s Lexi the famous damsel in distress. Lol. Sneaky lil pit was on her leash and collar only weaseled her little way out of it and ran like a bat because she’s in heat lol. So funny she looks like she owns that police car. I’m very thankful to those who found her and to the officer that returned her to the animal control. She has a great big smile on her face now

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  1. Glad to see she was returned safely don’t get to many good outcomes or shall I say good reports on the Gazette now days Always Sad News 😔

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