Indiana State Police Colonel Mark French Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

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Indiana State Police Colonel Mark French Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award
Indiana State Police Colonel Mark French Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

May 14, 2017-In the spring of 2003, several Indiana SWAT Commanders and tactical officers attended Fourkiller Consulting’s SWAT Commanders course in Kokomo, Indiana. This course was hosted by Captain Larkin Fourkiller of the Kokomo Police Department SWAT Team and featured retired Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team member and National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Board member, Ron McCarthy.

At the conclusion of this training, these Commanders and senior tactical officers decided to try and establish a professional tactical officers association for the state of Indiana. Over the next few months these future Indiana SWAT Officers Association members contacted various tactical associations throughout the country. With the assistance of these associations, the Indiana SWAT Officers Association was created.

The reasons for the creation of the association were two-fold. First and foremost, was to advance the education and professionalism of law enforcement officers involved in tactical operations through the transfer of ideas and information. Secondly, to further improve the “networking” of agencies and personnel involved in critical incidents and high risk operations.

Recently, the Indiana SWAT Officers Association held their annual conference in Indianapolis and presented Indiana State Police Colonel Mark French with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Below is a portion of the Lifetime Nomination letter drafted by Indiana Swat Officers Association member Nick Kokot.

Indiana State Police Colonel Mark French is one of a small handful of Founding Fathers of the Swat Association. He is a plank owner for his agency’s emergency response team that became a full time team in 2008.  Even though his current duties and responsibilities have him far removed from being a member and commander of the team, I can guarantee you, without hesitation, that the team holds a special place in his heart and his soul.

I personally view this award as something that is genuinely earned through diligence, passion, and dedication to others in the law enforcement community. Sacrifice of personal and professional time, as well as time away from loved ones. This award is to recognize the individual that has gone above and beyond by enriching his team, the tactical community throughout the state, and through his work and dedication, the Indiana Swat Officers Association.

Colonel French serves as the Chief of Staff and is a 26 year veteran of the Indiana State Police. He and his wife live in Marion County. Their son will graduate from Purdue University this spring.

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