BREAKING: Residents Displaced, FF Injured in Hobart Fire

Photo courtesy of Laurie Easton-Hasza

Sue Dahlen contributed to this report

Live video was posted on Facebook and can be seen at this link:

May 14, 2017-An early morning fire has displaced 25-30 Hobart residents and sent one firefighter to the hospital according to reports derived from the scanner and social media.  Firefighters are still on scene at this time and an official report is not yet available.  Firefighters were called to 311 Ruta Drive in Hobart just after 3:00 a.m.   Upon arrival, they discovered a fully engulfed multi-family unit.  Crews are still on scene at this hour after several flare ups required Mutual aid was provided by several other departments.  One firefighter was transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries.  Neither the identity nor the condition of the firefighter is known at this time.

Rescue crews could be heard on the scanner attempting to assist residents in locating alternative shelter.  One transmission indicated that shelter would be needed for “25-30” residents.

This is a breaking report, a report is not yet available from Hobart Fire officials.   Additional details will be provided when they become available.

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