Breaking: Employee Alleges Recorder Mike Brown Offered Promotion for Sex

May 8, 2017-If allegations in a complaint filed in Federal Court today are true, Lake County taxpayers are going to be picking up the tab once again for misconduct occurring at the government center. Former Lake County Recorder employee Estella Montalvo filed a federal lawsuit alleging that she was promised a full-time job in return for sexual favors. According to the Complaint, Ms. Montalvo began work as a part-time clerk in August 2014. “Almost immediately after she was hired, Brown began making sexual advances with an implicit message that a sexual relationship was a condition of promotion to a full-time position” the Complaint reads. Ms. Montalvo alleges she was “forced to resign in February 2017 because of sexual harassment by the Recorder, Defendant Michael B. Brown.”

“The sexual advances quickly led to sexual encounters both in the Recorder’s Office and at Brown’s residences” according to the Complaint. Ms Montalvo alleges the relationship continued “only because she believed it was a condition of promotion to full-time employment. Eventually, Brown hired a full-time Chief Deputy, with whom he had a prior sexual relationship. Ms. Montalvo also alleges that other employees in the Recorder’s Office were subjected to repeated sexual harassment. “. . . she and other female employees were subjected to a hostile work environment by the Defendant, Michael B. Brown, insofar as he used his position in the office to demand sexual favors and activity as a condition of employment and advancement.”

Michael B. Brown was unavailable for comment. In fact, sources close to the investigation say that Michael B. Brown was escorted from the office months ago and has not been seen since. He has deleted his Facebook account. Sources also allege that Brown had sexual encounters with several other county employees from other offices who were on the clock.

Roy Dominguez is representing Ms. Montalvo. Roy Dominguez was Mike Brown’s mentor and also the father of Mike Brown’s ex fiance according to sources.

Allegations in a civil complaint are merely accusations, however, if a judgment is obtained it will be taxpayers who are on the hook once again.


  1. Mike brown was not escorted from the office, that is nonsense. It has been business as usual at the office. He has been to work and maintained his professionalism throughout this ordeal. The truth will come out in the end. The truth is that she was sexually advancing herself on him and that he denied every advance. The truth is she is looking for a payout because she has been trying to leave her abusive husband for years. Look into her and her husbands arrest records. Also, all female employees have been interviewed during an internal investigation and have all denied Brown ever harassing them in any way shape or form. It’s lake county politics at its finest with Dominguez showing his ugly self once again to the public. Please do some research before publishing an article.

    • Shut up I kno for a fact he’s guilty I watch him do it to many girls in high school including me. So you need to keep your mouth shut and stop acting like you know something you don’t. Get it through you sick head. Mans a pervert and has been harassing women since he was a teenager. I have girls who are willing to come forwar with there stories as mine to. I also have men who will speak for us women that knew him very well and knows he did these things. So to this sick persona trying to protect him. It’s is beyond sickening when you speak about something you know nothing about. I stated facts. All you stated were lies.

  2. This statement above is a lie Mike Brown has not been to work. Since she is not the only person who has made statements against Mike Brown him and his friends are also going around trying to threaten anyone who talks against Mike Brown

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