Man Robbed, Beaten, Burned at Hessville’s Oxbow Park

May 8, 2017-According to reports obtained via witnesses and the scanner, a man reported that he was beaten, robbed and burned at Hammond’s Carlson-Oxbow park on Saturday night. Police were called to the Hampton Inn, 2842 Carlson Drive, at approximately 4:30 a.m. According to the report, a white male in his 20s was transported to a trauma center with burns to a large portion of his body. The man reported that he was robbed, beated and thrown into a fire by 4 black males at Oxbow-Carlson Park. A family member confirmed the attack on social media. Hammond Police have not yet issued a statement regarding the incident. We will update this story as additional details become available.

UPDATE: Hammond Police Lt. Steven Kellogg says no robbery occurred but that a 28 year old man was transported after being shoved into a fire. According to the report, “On 5/7/17 at approx 430am police responded to the Hampton Inn in reference to a male who had received burns to his
chest. Police met with a 28-year-old and a man who reported that he was walking along the bike trail near Oxbow park when he encountered four unknown males around a fire. The victim described all for males as black males wearing black pants, one wearing a gray hoodie, one wearing a red hoodie and two wore black hoodies. The victim stated he was talking with the males when one of them pushed him into the fire causing burns on his chest. The male victim was transported to Methodist Hospital Northlake. Police located no one on scene.”

Anyone with information can contact the Hammond Police detective bureau at 219-852-2906.


  1. 4:30 am is pretty early to be in a park? Sure, I will arm myself if I go to the park at whatever time of day because of reading this. But, there is clearly more to this story.

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