Car Chase Becomes Foot Pursuit in Munster

Photo submitted by Paul Goddard. Used with permission, all rights reserved

April 29, 2017-A vehicle pursuit turned into a foot chase after the driver and at least one passenger fled the scene. Munster Police have not issued a statement on the incident so we will provide the information we have derived from the scanner and witness statements at this point in time. At approximately 5:12 p.m. an officer can be heard saying “two suspects fled on foot, southbound.” This was just after the accident, pictured above. A silver BMW collided with a black vehicle that appears to be an Infiti. Moments later an officer can be heard saying “two in custody, church parking lot.” EMS and Fire were called but no information is available regarding who sustained injuries or what injuries were sustained.

Officers continued to search the area and even called out the Lake County Sheriff Department helicopter to assist in the search. Numerous witnesses reported heavy police activity in the area of Ridge and Hohman. Officers also searched in Lansing, Illinois for a subject. Residents took to social media to update one another on the situation. On the Munster Safe Neighborhoods Facebook page, one person posted that she called in after seeing the subject.

It is unclear, without a statement from police why or where the chase began. We will update this report as additional information becomes available.

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