Chesterton Chief Details Case Against Alleged Killer

Christopher M. Dillard, age 50 of Hobart charged in muder of Nicole Gland on April 19, 2017. Chief Cincoski credited a multi-jurisdictional effort which included Hobart Police and Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force in the fast apprehension of Dillard. Police are still seeking tips from anyone who may have information pertinent to the case.

April 21, 2017-24 year old Nicole Gland was brutally murdered in the early morning hours of April 19, 2017. By mid afternoon on April 20, police had a suspect in custody. Chief Cincoski of the Chesterton Police Department spoke to media today and detailed the steps of the investigation and evidence which police used to obtain murder charges against Christopher M. Dillard of Hobart.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed in the case, Chesterton Police were alerted that a woman was slumped over the wheel of her car behind a business on Calumet Avenue at approximately 9:10 a.m. on April 19. An officer was dispatched and found the female had “evident trauma wounds to the back of her neck, readily apparent to be stab/puncture wounds.” Further investigation revealed that the keys to the vehicle were missing as well as the victim’s cell phone. “The victim was later identified as Nicole Gland, who worked as a bartender at the Upper Deck Lounge.”

The tragic story of Nicole’s senseless murder was widely shared via Chicago television and social media. On the afternoon of Wednesday April 19, Beverly Galle of Hobart had seen the reports. Ms. Galle called the Hobart Police Department to tell them that her live-in boyfriend of 18 years worked at the Upper Deck Lounge and she had one knife missing from her butcher block. Ms. Galle had made a prior report to Hobart PD indicating that Dillard had taken her 1997 Ford Ranger truck without her permission. “An officer was sent to the residence of Beverly Galle to interview her and she apprised us of the report she made regarding her truck being taken by Dillard and him not returning home since. At that time Detective Nick Brown took into evidence the butcher block of Beverly Galle and any remaining knives.”

Christopher M. Dillard ws located a business in Hobart, Indiana by the Hobart Police Department and Dillard was in possession of the 1997 black Ford Ranger owned by Beverly Galle. The truck was impounded and Dillard was taken tot he Chesterton Police Department according to the report. During an interview, Dillard stated he had been “partying rough” for the last two days according to the report. Dillard admitted to using and selling cocaine and marijuana according to police. Dillard admitted to police that he went to the Upper Deck Lounge on the evening of April 18th but stated he left and went to another area establishment. According to the sworn affidavit, Dillard told police that Nicole provided him the keys to her car and he entered her car “for the purpose of delivering cocaine and marijuana.” Nicole’s friends, interviewed after the press conference by a group of media representatives stated that they never knew her to use drugs. Police say other witnesses confirmed that Nicole never locked her car as the lock to one of the doors was broken.

Police say that Dillard was allowed to meet with Beverly Galle in a recorded interview room after he was taken into custody. While in the recorded interview room, police say Dillard told Galle “I killed that girl, I didn’t mean to do it.” When asked if the conversation would be admissible in court, Chief Cincoski stated that would be for the court to decide. Chief Cincosky indicated that Dillard was aware that he was being recorded. Subsequent to Beverly leaving the room, officers again tried to question Dillard but he refused to speak anymore according to the report.

Chief Cincoski confirmed that Dillard was an employee of the Upper Deck Lounge at the time of his arrest and he had not been terminated.


  1. This story makes zero sense. Why did he have to “go get her keys” from her to get into her car when she didn’t even lock her doors because they were broken?

    • He said he went to get her keys. Obviously he was lying and that is why the whole drug deal story appears to be false yet it seems no one else likes that narrative and wants to run with the drug deal story.

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