Hammond FOP Honors 3 Officers

April 20, 2017-Three Hammond Police Officers were recognized by the Fraternal Order of Police for actions in recent cases. According to Michael Elkman, President of the Hammond Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #51, “At our regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 17, 2017, Hammond FOP #51 honored three Hammond Police Officers as Officer of the Month. FOP #51 is very proud of our officers; they went above and beyond their call and honorably represented the
Hammond Police Department and Hammond FOP #51.”

According to the statement, Two officers, Sgt. J. Onohan and Ofc. B. O’Neill, shared the Officer of the Month distinction for the month of March. “Sgt. J. Onohan (not pictured) went above and beyond his call in locating a fleeing homicide suspect. Due to his integrity, dedication, and quick response, an arrest was made in
the homicide, and charges were subsequently filed. Officer B. O’Neill (top left) “went above and beyond his call to locate key evidence following a homicide. His focus and dedication contributed to charges filed on a suspect.”

Ofc. T. Kreischer (top right) received the distinction for the month of April. He went above his call to locate a young missing child. Due to his diligence, determination, and extraordinary efforts, the child was located and reunited with his family without further incident.

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