Hammond Police Warn of Dogs Killed by Coyotes

By | April 19, 2017

Image Source: Wikimedia

April 19, 2017-Hammond Police are urging residents to be cautions after at least two reports of dogs being “attacked and killed, possibly by a coyote.” In a written statement, Hammond Police cautioned residents to keep an eye on small animals including cats and dogs even if they are in a fenced yard. “We are not wildlife specialists and cannot confirm the coyote attacks although one pet owner did State that he/she saw what appeared to be a coyote fleeing the yard immediately after the attack” the report stated. The attacks were reported in the 6700-6900 block of Ridgeland Avenue in Hammond’s Woodmar area.

“Make sure all trash containers are closed and secured. Do not leave any type of food or scraps out on your property that may attract coyotes to your property” the report advises. Dogster.com has additional information on coyotes.

2 thoughts on “Hammond Police Warn of Dogs Killed by Coyotes

  1. ralph

    I live next to a park that has coyotes. My property line backs up to the park so my only defense is a split rail fence. 20ft. In on my property I installed a 6ft. Cyclone fence to keep my dogs in and safe. Coyotes do come on my property up to the cyclone fence. When I try to chase them away they will only run just outside side the split rail fense so it’s obvious, their not afraid! I live in Indiana and we love our guns and l wouldn’t hesitate to kill a coyote that is on my property. It’s obvious their not there to hang out with my dogs. I have come out of my house on my way to work and found coyotes sitting on my front lawn. When I try to chase them away, they may wander about 15-20 feet but that’s it. Their not afraid.

    1. Peggy

      They are not afraid but they aren’t attacking you either. So why the need to be trigger happy. I live in the city and see and hear coyotes often. Never had any threaten me even when walking my dog. So live and let live.


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