BREAKING: Tanker Explosion in EC Draws Rapid Response

Sue Dahlen contributed to this report

April 14, 2017-Crews from the East Chicago Fire and Police Departments are on scene at the intersection of 144th and Euclid Avenues after an explosion was heard by residents of East Chicago. The initial call stated that a rail tanker car had exploded. An Assistant Fire Chief on scene said fire personnel were still assessing the situation but information derived from the scanner indicates that a call for a loud explosion came in at approximately 4:15 p.m. today. Firefighters could be seen taking turns filling up with water and travelling to the southwest corner of the industrial property, presumably due to the lack of fire hydrants on site.

Police blocked vehicle traffic on Euclid Street but students from the adjacent Block School could be seen strolling past the scene of the response. The explosion occurred in a highly industrial area that sits to the west of Euclid Avenue and just feet from both Block School and East Chicago Urban Enterprise Academy. Firefighters could be seen travelling to the southwest end of the industrial property, presumably which is where United Rail Services is located according to Google Maps.

We will update you with additional information as details become available.

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