Mayor Publicly Slams Gary School Board Member

“My best advice as a parent and Mayor of this City is that if you choose to send your child on the college tour that you give no money to James Piggee, Sr or James Piggee, Jr.”

March 29, 2017-The Mayor of Gary has issued a stern and unprecedented warning for parents of Gary Community School Corporation students.  In a letter posted on social media, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson says that Gary Community School Board Member James Piggee, Sr. left school children stranded during a college tour last year.  “The 2016 college tour was a disaster and students would have been stranded without the intervention of the School Corporation, the city and some local elected officials and business leaders.”  The statement condemning a local business is unusual enough, but James Piggee, Sr. is also a member of the Board of the Gary Community School Corporation.  James Piggee, Sr. is co-owner of Giving Educational and Meaningful Substance, Inc of Gary according to public records and published reports.

The Board of Trustees of the Gary Community School Corporation will go to Indianapolis again on Friday to plead for more tax money from the Distressed Unit Appeals Board.  Although the money will be called a loan, the likelihood of it ever being paid back is near zero.   If Mr. Piggee cannot be trusted with $500 for a college tour, why should the residents of the State of Indiana trust the Gary Community School Corporation with millions of dollars in additional loans?

Representatives of Giving Educational and Meaningful Substance, Inc were unavailable for comment for this article.




  1. No different from some of the financial shenanigans occurring with in Karen’s administration.

    She should sit down, and deal with her own financial house.

  2. She is right on! I had issues when my daughter went. She was apart of the class action lawsuit and all of a sudden at the end the kids I know of were not included in getting part of the settlement

  3. Not one to meddle but am disturbed about tour’s sponsor James Piggee lack of demonstrating concern to defend reputation over being “the pot calling the kettle black”; two wrongs don’t make a right but the greater evil as a cheap shot against youth and their education is absolutely despicable!

  4. If Mr Piggee Sr is anything like his son , he should’ve never been trusted with your child or money. Piggee Jr stole my daughter’s purse n money. What a dog

  5. idk what’s going on but ppl need to stop judging and ask what they can do to help cause it’s only a few ppl in the city doing anything for the kids and if the school city had to help good cause they ain’t putting the money in the schools so spend it on the kids

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