Hammond Police Warn of Rash of Garage Burglaries

March 27, 2017-Hammond Police are asking residents to be on the lookout after a rash of garage burglaries in the Hessville and Woodmar sections of Hammond. According to a report, 13 burglaries have been reported this month including two this weekend.

    2700 163rd.

PL-3/24, between 7:00 am and 11:14 am. Unk. suspect(s) pried open the Man door on the north side of the garage and stole a snow blower, a lawn mower, fishing rods and reels and a tackle box. THIS IS THE SECOND REPORTED GARAGE BURGLARY THIS MONTH IN THE 2700 BLK OF 163rd. Pl.

    7400 Grand

-between 3/25, 11:10 pm and 3/26, 10:21 am. Unk. Suspect(s) broke into the Man door located on the east side of the garage and stole 2 tool boxes containing an assortment of tools.

Hammond Police say they are asking residents to note” not only that burglaries are occurring but also including information on the times they occur, methods of entry and what was taken so that residents can secure their property better. ”  Make sure you secure your garage and sheds taking special care to secure the man doors or service doors.

” Security lights, cameras, alarms systems and or alarm warning signs placed on the property do help deter break-ins. When you see suspicious subjects in your neighborhood, call 911 and give a good description that includes what they are wearing as well as describing the behavior that made you suspicious.
HPD will continue making extra patrols.”

Previously reported:

2600 Cleveland-Between 3/16, 3:00 pm and 3/18, 3:13 pm. Unk. suspect(s) forced entry through the side door of the garage and stole a snow blower, lawn equipment and furniture.

6900 Baring-On 3/18, at 6:30 am the victim noticed unk. suspect(s) entered his garage and stole an air compressor and floor jack (there is no info listed on report as to whether there was forced entry, or to what area entry occurred, or what was the last time the garage was secured).

2700 163rd. Pl-On 3/19, between 4:20 am and 1:08 pm. Unk. suspect(s) entered the garage through the Man door, and stole a table saw and power tools (no forced entry observed).

2600 Kenwood –Between 3/18, 12:00 pm and 3/19, 2:27 pm. Unk. suspect(s) entered the garage through the side door and stole a snow blower, construction equipment and a lawnmower (no forced entry observed).

7600 Baring-On 3/20, between 7:00 am and 8:13 am. Unk. suspect(s) broke into a locked backyard shed and stole a snow blower and Kerosene heater.

7200 Howard-Between 3/19, 7:30 pm and 3/20, 7:30 am. Unk. suspect(s) entered the garage through the side Man door and exited with the victims snow blower through the rear overhead door.

Had an attempted garage burglary reported yesterday 3/21/17 at 7300 Missouri which occurred between 5:30 am and 2:50 pm. Unk. suspect(s) attempted to gain entry to the west side door, with some type of prying tool (pry marks on the door frame).

7400 Missouri Ave. Occurred between 3/20, 9: 30 pm and 3/21, 5:48 am. Unk. suspect(s) cut a chain on the backyard fence and after doing so cut another chain on the garage side door. Suspect(s) then unplugged the light to the overhead garage door opener and then stole a gas chainsaw.

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