Three Vehicle Collision Results in One Death

March 20, 2017-A three vehicle collission resulted in a Hammond man being pronounced dead at the scene according to a release from the Hammond Police Department. Lt. Steven Kellog reported that Mark Alexander of Hammond was travelling south on Calumet Avenue at approximately 2:55 a.m. on March 18. Lt. Kellog says Mr. Alexander struck a vehicle parked at stop light near the intersection of Calumet Avenue and I-90 (Indiana Toll Road) causing his Pontiac Grand Am to spin out. “Mr. Alexander’s vehicle spun out in traffic and struck a United Parcel Service truck who was executing a left turn onto I90”, according to the report. Mr. Alexander’s was pronounced dead at the scene by Lake County Coroner Investigators. Blunt force trauma was noted in the initial report from Coroner Merrilee Frey. No other injuries were reported.

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