Senator Niemeyer, Rep. Slager to Discuss House Bill 1144 Saturday

Bill will take money from schools, police and fire and give it to the RDA for 30 years.

March 10, 2017-Residents of the entire region are encouraged to attend a town hall forum to be held by Representative Hal Slager and Senator Rick Niemeyer on Saturday March 11 at 10:30 a.m. at the St. John Township Center, 1515 US Highway 30, Schererville, IN. The duo is expected to discuss House Bill 1144 which will create Transportation Development Districts (TDD) throughout the region. Districts would be created at the sole discretion of the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) and local officials would have no legal right to participate in the decision making process. Once established, all increases in property tax, local income tax, sales tax and state income tax would go directly to the unelected RDA under the bill. Educators, parents and local officials should be especially concerned about the bill.

Slager has repeatedly said that the bill will be revised in the Senate but has refused to say how it will be revised. The bill has received sponsorship from State Senator Eddie Melton, Senator Karen Tallian, Senator Rick Niemeyer and Senate Committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy Brandt Hershman. So far, local “leaders” have been silent in the regional power grab by Slager and Visclosky but residents are speaking out against it.

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You can read the current version of the bill Here-

Let your senator know how you feel about House Bill 1144 today. To find your local senator, see Indiana’s Find Your Legislator Page.

You can write to Senators Tallian, Hershman and Neimeyer below:

Senator Karen Tallian:
Senator Rick Niemeyer:
Senator Hershman:
Senator Melton:

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