South Shore Trains Shut Down by Wind

March 8, 2017-The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District has announced that South Shore train service has been suspended until further notice. While NICTD did not provide a reason for the service interruption, it appears to be due to high winds. Bus service is being provided between Gary and Hegweisch according to the website NICTD did not see fit to provide an estimate as to the additional time the transfer might take.

NICTD made national news in January after leaving passengers stranded on train cars for up to 8 hours with no heat and limited restroom facilities. The Gazette later learned that NICTD officials were in Indianapolis asking for additional public funding for the subpar service at the time passengers were stuck on the train.

The frequent service interruptions were mentioned at a Town Council meeting last night in Griffith as Congressman Pete Visclosky, Representative Hal Slager and the Times/One Region crew made a push for local funding for the West Lake Extension.

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