Soliday Twitter Account Taken Over; User Simply Demands Apology for “Stupid” Comment

Soliday says Twitter user who grabbed his account is a “terrorist”

March 8, 2017-The Indiana GOP is on a roll lately-straight down hill. “Dunes alcohol” Ed Soliday recently deleted his Twitter account after being humiliated nationally for a social media war with an Indianapolis CEO. When Soliday pushed an innovation killing bill that would have prohibited electric car maker Tesla from selling cars in the state, Don Brown, CEO of LifeOMIC, promplty and accurately described the bill as “stupid.” National news picked up the story when Soliday transformed the policy debate into a juvenile personal attack, calling Brown stupid.

Since he doesn’t take the heat very well, Soliday promptly deleted his Twitter social media account. Apparently, under Twitter rules that left the name open for anyone to grab. An as yet unknown user grabbed the name and began by retweeting the epic smackdown laid on Soliday by Brown:



The account makes clear in the introduction section that “this is not Ed Soliday.” Nonetheless, the title of the account may be confusing. The Twitter user says he will surrender the account if Soliday issues an apology to Don Brown for calling him stupid. For his part, Don Brown has taken denied that the Twitter user is him and engaged in some banter:

Brown also confirmed that the real Representative Soliday never apologized to him:

Soliday has now referred to the Twitter user as a “terrorist” and said he is using state resources to “investigate” the personal embarrassment. And that is where things get really interesting. Assuming that Representative Soliday did, in fact, surrender his account voluntarily (with his tail between his legs?), what crime has been commmitted? What cause is there to utilize one dime of public funds on a witch hunt?

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