BREAKING: Indicted Buncich Picks Wieser as Dem Party Chair

March 4, 2017-After a tie vote for Lake County Democratic Party Chair current Lake County Democratic Party and Indicted Sheriff John Buncich selected James Wieser as chair of the Lake County Democratic Party. Mike Repay tied with James Wieser in the voting, despite Buncich filling 105 positions at the last minute. The vote was 305-305 according to a livestream of the event provided by Lake County Councilman Jamal Washington.

Michelle Fajman was selected as vice-president and Peggy Katona was selected as Treasurer. There will be a run-off vote for Secretary of the party. Christine Cid and John Petalas are vying for that position.

The decision marks the first time in history that a sitting Chair who is under federal indictment has selected the next leader of the party. The selection process is spelled out in the rules of the Indiana Democratic Party. In the event of a tie for the position of Chair, the current Chair selects the winner:

Presiding Officers
The county chair or an officer acting as chair under these Rules shall
preside at the reorganization meeting until a chair has been elected. The
presiding officer shall cast any tie-breaking vote in the election for chair,
even if he or she has already cast a ballot as a committeeperson. The retiring
secretary of the county committee shall act as secretary of the reorganization
meeting. Only voting officers of the county central committee may preside at
reorganization meetings. This shall be the chair unless the chair recognizes
one of the other officers of the county committee to preside. See Rules of the Democratic Party of the State of Indiana, Rule 13, paragraph 5

This is a breaking report, we will keep you updated as additional information becomes available. See the update Corruption Coup: LC Election Board Takes Over LC Party

Video was posted moments ago by Lake County Councilman Jamal A. Washington:


  1. Ya and their were 5 or 6 Hammond committeeman who were not recognized to vote including our city chairman Dave woerpel can u say our dear indicted sheriff strikes again

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