Hobart Police Call Incident Suspicious, Seek Information

Please share. If you recognize the vehicle in the video, please contact Detective Brazil @ 219-942-4666 or by e-mail to rbrazil@cityofhobart.org

March 3, 2017-Hobart Police are asking for help from the public after a security camera caught a suspicious incident on camera. According to a release from the Department, “On February 23, 2017 @ approximately 5:50 PM a resident was working with his new home video surveillance system and he was reviewing a recording and noticed a suspicious incident that his video surveillance system captured at the intersection of 40th And Indiana Street. The video shows what appears to be a female exit the rear passenger seat of the vehicle and start to run westbound on 40th Avenue; simultaneously a front seat passenger of the same vehicle exits the vehicle and chases the female a short distance and grabs her, throws her over his shoulder and takes her back to the vehicle and places her in the back seat. It is difficult to give any accurate physical descriptions of the female or the male, who exited the vehicle, due to the distance they are from the camera. The vehicle then drives westbound on 40th from Indiana and then drives south onto Kelly Street out of camera view. The vehicle appears to be a smaller SUV or possibly a crossover vehicle, similar to a Nissan Rogue. Officers searched the area for similar vehicles and were unable to locate any matching or similar vehicles. Responding officers put out a statewide notification of the incident and also inquired about any runaways or missing person(s), but didn’t receive any responses.”

Hobart police say they do not have any evidence that anything malicious occurred but are treating the incident as suspicious. They are asking anyone with information regarding the incident to contact Detective Brazil @ 219-942-4666 or by e-mail to rbrazil@cityofhobart.org

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  1. That’s either a Buick Encore or a chevy trax but by the side view of it almost certain it’s a Encore not a Nissan. Hope that helps

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