Opposition to MAIACO Plan Grows

February 25, 2017-As area residents wake up to the radical nature of the Visclosky-Slager plan for the region, opposition is growing county wide. Merrillville has openly questioned whether they can afford the massive and growing contributions they pledged while Griffith and Hammond openly flaunt that they have not supported the plan at this point. Citizen opposition is growing also, as people wonder how we will pay for schools, police and fire when all incremental tax revenue within the transit districts goes to Visclosky’s failed RDA. The Gazette has now received the flyer, above, which is being distributed throughout Gary.

The City of Gary has entered into a 30 year plan with Daley controlled MAIACO,LLC to be the sole partner of the Gary Redevelopment Commission.  The Gary Redevelopment Commission will be primarily responsible for working with Visclosky’s Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority to demolish and redevelop properties in Gary in what would be “transit development districts.”  The transit development districts will capture all increases in revenue for 30 years.  That revenue will then go to the RDA for distribution within the districts.

We did not produce the flyer but were contacted by several individuals who received it.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Visclosky-Slager Regional Transformation Plan.


  1. The Visclovsky-Slager plan is right up KFW’s mainstay. Though the idea for transportation development is a critical & integral part to the resurgence of Gary, I am sure these 2 politicians, along with individuals at 401 Broadway, will be lining their pockets with what was once called “GRAFT”. Now, it is just a way of doing business.
    As far as MAIACO goes, this partnership is fantastic. No one is going to lose their home. The City will finally get cleaned up, and industry (jobs-jobs-jobs) will once again be available ti individuals who want to work. And to those whom do not want to sweat – bye-bye. Hand outs must stop.

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