Revised Slager Bill Would Take Money From County Roads and Bridges

Legislators are pushing a raise in the gas tax which includes an annual adjustment that could be twice the cost of living but Slager’s corporate welfare bill takes money from the county major bridge fund and gives it to NICTD

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February 23, 2017-The list of funds which will be depleted for the benefit of private corporation NICTD continues to grow. Earlier we reported on how House Bill 1144 would deprive the schools of funding, and now the Indiana Legislative Services Agency(LSA) says the bill would also rob the major bridge funds in Lake, Porter, LaPorte and St. Joseph Countys. According to the LSA:

Under the provision, county major bridge funds would be diverted to Visclosky’s failed Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority. The single paragraph inserted into the bill at the last minute, marks the first time that a regional development authority would be able to co-opt the local road money. The loss of local control over the funds is significant as county leaders struggle annually to repair roads and bridges. Once bonds are issued for NICTD repairs, the money would be committed for a term of 30 years. ¬†Again, the unprecedented nature of the Slager money grab for NICTD and private developers demonstrates the lengths that the proponents of this “regional transformation” are willing to go in order to put money into the hands of private developers.

Contact your state senators today and ask them to prevent this theft of our local road repair funding.

Full LSA Fiscal Impact Statement for House Bill 1144:

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