Is Public Getting Enough Input on Visclosky/RDA Regional Transformation Plan

February 20, 2017-Congressman Visclosky, Representative Hal Slager and the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authorithy have been making plans to transform neighborhoods throughout the Region. At the Gazette, we have been following this issue as closely as we can but information is difficult to obtain. Bill Baker of Munster talks with Dave from Highland on WJOB about the issues associated with the exchange of information and the role of Government in regional transformation. Please share with your friends, this is a multi-billion dollar plan which will move forward without your input if you do not speak up. Let us know what you think in the comments, are you being given enough information regarding the Visclosky/Slager/RDA regional transformation plan?


  1. I have been trying to pull information from La Porte politicians for weeks now with nothing returned. There is no transparency with the SS project. Stealing roads n street money to fund a private corperation is Ludacris and its exactly what is happening.

  2. My wife and I both work very hard and were fortunate enough to make good investments and save enough money to buy a home in the Westlakes subdivision in Munster. We are not so much opposed to the NICTD train as we are opposed to the element that the train will bring. I know this from personal experience as a police officer of twenty six years and as a landlord of many years as well. If it was just a train and businesses, I would vote yes, but the TOD wants to bring in multifamily dwellings. Most people who rent don’t take pride in their property like home owners. Most crime comes from lower income multifamily dwellings. My property value has increased every year since I built my home in 2008 because Munster has very little multifamily dwellings and a great school system. Single family homes and education keep crime down. I VOTE NO TO TOD!

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