LaPorte Officials Issue “Critical” Alert After Heroin Deaths

Last year, the E. Liverpool Ohio Police Department released the above photo to demonstrate the devastating impact the heroin addiction is having on society. Photo credit: East Liverpool, OH Police Department

“This message is of critical importance: There is an extremely lethal batch of heroin that is being sold around our area”.-LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo


Last year, the E. Liverpool Ohio Police Department released the above photo to demonstrate the devastating impact the heroin addiction is having on society. Photo credit: East Liverpool, OH Police Department

February 19, 2017-After a warning from Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey, the LaPorte County Sheriff and LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo have each issued critical warnings regarding heroin deaths in the region.  Officials believe the heroin on the streets may contain a particularly toxic mix of chemicals leading to overdoses and deaths.  According to Mayor Milo, “There have been several overdoses, two of which resulted in death in La Porte County in the last few days. Authorities don’t know yet what has made this current batch so lethal, but other counties have seen over 50 overdoses in the last few days. People receiving NARCAN are requiring multiple doses in order to have any affect. If you know of someone who is struggling with a heroin addiction, please get them in connected with a treatment program. There are multiple options for treatment:”  

LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd issued a statement on friday regarding the rash of overdoses. Sheriff Boyd reiterated the concern that heroin on the streets is more lethan than ever due to mixture with other substances “. . .. we don’t know what the harmful combination is that may be causing these folks to become unresponsive and near death. We do know from our partners at the LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service that they are using multiple doses of Narcan in an effort to save a life, and that is great cause of concern.”  Sheriff Boyd continued  “With this frequency of overdoses we feel it would be prudent to let the public know so that steps can be taken to stop any further potential loss of life or harm.”

Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey issued a similar warning last week.  Coroner Frey has repeatedly spoken out regarding the dramatic increase in heroin and opioid related deaths in Lake County.  Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris has issued similar warnings.

Officials say there are treatment options for those suffering from addiction.  If you have a family member in urgent need of assistance, do not hesitate to dial 9-1-1.  First responders have been provided life-saving Narcan and minutes can make a difference.





  1. Check the Narcar,too,just to be sure it,s not a bad batch? You never know. If your having to use so many..It,s worth a try don’t ya think. And No I do not believe anyone should be using heroin…..or any other drug.

  2. I think that since Narcan is so widely available now via pharmacies that people think its safe to do heroin. From what I understand they are mixing the heroin with Carfentanil which is 10,000 times more potent than morphine. It paralyzes the respiratory system and people stop breathing and dont even know it. Along with that it can lower your blood pressure to extremely dangerous numbers…please lets help to stop this epidemic and if you know someone that is struggling with this addiction, be a real friend and get them some help.

  3. I live in St. Joseph county, originally from LaPorte, county. This heroin addiction is an epidemic here also. My grandson is addicted, and after many years of rehab and return had decided to leave the area and now lives in another state that has more and better rehab, as there are practically zero rehab stay centers in this area, or the few that are here do not cater to times and days available to all. The same with the few physicians who do treat this addiction, which is shameful. He always had to leave the area to get rehab. Several of his friends and acquaintances have died due to this addiction to cheap heroin. Since he has left northern Indiana he has been drug-free for a year. Why can’t we get more resources in northern Indiana so our loved ones don’t have to leave? You can’t get help for someone if there is no help available. And if the drugs are known to be coming from Chicago on the Kennedy expressway aka.”Heroin highway”, why can’t they be stopped? No need for rehab or Narcan !!

  4. This is so sad!!! I’m very glad the lord has taking this addiction away from me!!! I’ve been clean going on 5 years now!!! I feel great and better than ever!!! With this resent batch of H that’s been going around people don’t know what there doing while addicted to the opiates !! All they want is to not feel sick and to feel some pleasure!!! There are places that they can go to get help.. We need to keep posting where people can go for help and who they can talk to without getting into trouble… Sometimes they are so afraid of getting help because they think there going to be taking away from what family they even have left… I’m praying for everyone that is suffering and I wish there was something I could do to help!! I’m playing my part tho… I have multiple jobs and I’m saving money and raising my daughter and we love each other.. I’m blessed with a wonderful family and that is one of the biggest reasons that I’m who I am today… I have been thu a lot and you may know this.. But I stand here today and I’m doing great… There are good people that get addicted to this crap!! And there still good people they just need help!! 🙁 Please stay strong and find some help before the help finds you behind the prison walls like it found me!! 🙁 Where there’s a will there’s a way!!! You can find me here if you need advice on where to get help or if maybe you just need someone to pray with!!!
    Anthony Bates

    • We here in NWI are trying to get started on a plan to have a center.
      Users aren’t bad people trying to get good, they are sick people trying to get well.
      Knowledge is power. We need to get others involved. Churches can join together to make this happen here!

    • You can fix stupid. Please, educate yourself on this. I totally understand what you’re saying. I still start to feel that way….but that does our world no good. If you learn about this DISEASE (I know… I know) you start to understand it started with other drugs, predispositioned youth…. etc.
      I hope you learn to undetstand and that this never happens to anyone you know or love

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