Commissioner Report Cites High LC Unemployment; Cites Gary Airport, Property Demolitions as Keys to Economic Growth

Lake County has highest joblessness in State of Indiana.  Unemployment numbers are improving but remain high throughout Lake County compared to the state average of 4.2%. Commissioners say they will “continue to implement cost reduction measures.”

February 17, 2017-Lake County Commissioners Kyle Allen, Mike Repay and Jerry Tippy have issued a State of the County report which takes a look at previous years and maps out challenges going forward. Among the findings in the three page report, which can be viewed in full below:

  • “The primary factor affecting the state of the county is the 6.0% unemployment rate in Lake County as of December, 2016.  This rate ranks Lake County number one among Indiana’s 92 counties in joblessness.”
  • “The unemployment rate in Lake County was higher than the unemployment rate in Porter County at 4.8%  which ranked 19th in the state and LaPorte County at 5.4% which ranked 6th in the State.”

In order to address these issues, Commissioners suggest the following:

Please let us know in the comments.  What do you think that the priorities for the Lake County Commissioners should be moving forward.

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  1. Commissioners need to contact HUD’s new secy as soon as confirmed and work on a commiottment from the new administration to bring jobs/money to the inner city. President Trump is committed to installing management and funds for programs that will “work”. A director, such as myself can and will bring jobs and training to Lake County, particularly Gary, to increase a tax base, clean up, and a general increase in committment and pride to the region. It is possible, just use funds appropriated to the County in a business like fashion, as the now President would do. It is important, extremely important, to get the schools, the youth, involved in their community.

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