BREAKING: Amber Alert Subject Charged in Mother’s Murder

15 year old Chastinea Reeves of Gary was the subject of an Amber Alert. She was located by Gary Police on February 14, 2017 after an exhaustive search.

February 16, 2017-A source has confirmed with the Gazette that a 15 year old juvenile has been charged with the murder of 34 year old Jamie Garnett. According to the source, Jamie Garnett was stabbed “multiple times” in the early morning hours of February 13, 2017. Police descended upon a bloody scene and discovered the body after a call came in from the 2000 block of W. Maine Street. Garnett had been stabbed “over twenty times” according to a source familiar with the investigation. Officers left the homicide scene and travelled to W. Maine Street to speak with the 15 year old juvenile. When officers arrived, the juvenile reportedly fled out the back door leading to the Amber Alert.

Prosecutors will ask that the juvenile suspect be waived to adult court at which time a name will be released.

All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.


  1. Someone at the Gary PD needs to be held accountable. Amber Alerts are for endangered children. not for them to use in seeking out murder suspects. this is outrageous really. From the website ” There is a very strict protocol that the police agencies use to determine if an abduction has occurred.” I got news for you. there never was any evidence of a child abduction.

    the media was used. the public was abused. what happens if someone concerned for the child because of the alert approached and then got knifed by the kid trying to get away? and now what happens with the next gary issued amber alert. does the public pay less attention because they dont trust the Gary PD?

  2. They knew about her running before they issued this amber alert! This was not an abduction but an apprehension. A way to get people to look for their suspect! Diamond and King Walker have nevee received a amber alert and they have been missing for year and half! If the police use amber alerts to find people to question…well I have a few questions for Diamond and king..can you issue an amber alert for them so their faces are in every billboard and news channel please!

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