Convicted Cop Killer to Be Released, Raises $10K with GoFundMe

Zolo Agonia Azania, formerly known as Rufus Averhart, was caught on camera shooting Gary Police Officer George Yaros

February 1, 2017-Rufus Averhart was featured in a Post-Tribune article as an example of how a prison system could rehabilitate a willing prisoner. Averhart had served seven years for a home invasion murder when he was released and obtained a GED. The Post-Tribune declared him rehabilitated and ran an article in the Sunday paper on August 9, 1981. By Tuesday August 11, 1981, Averhart was back in police custody and charged with the murder of Gary Police Officer George Yaros. Now, after serving just over 35 years in prison, Averhart has changed his name to Zolo Agonia Azania and is scheduled to be released from prison on February 8, 2017.

Supporters of Azania state that he was wrongly convicted-a victim of a racist system that “rounded up all the black men in Gary” on the date of his arrest. According to Court testimony, however, Azania was caught on camera shooting Officer Yaros and was arrested after a police chase. Those supporters have now started a GoFundMe page and raised over $10,000 toward their $12,000 goal. Supporters describe Arzania as a “political prisoner” and say the money will go to pay for “pay for housing, food, clothing, transportation, furniture, a cell phone, utilities, and the many other expenses we all encounter. “

See the Post-Tribune article Here


  1. White America seems oblivious to the black on white crime situation in US? I would be too scared to live there, seriously. You couldn’t pay me enough to work as a store ‘clerk’ or similar, so many blacks are on death row for murdering a shop worker during a to robbery, so no thanks.

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