Council Votes Down on Town

Move strikes a blow at Visclosky's Regional Transformation . . . 

January 31, 2017-The Highland Town Council put the brakes on a project that would have sunk millions of dollars into a dilapidated theater with a vision for an arts district in Downtown Highland. Proponents of the project pitched it as a way to revitalize a community with “walkable” streets and mixed-use development. The project was a key to the implementation of Visclosky’s Livable Cities Plan which would increase residential density. Highland’s Kennedy Corridor area currently has 4.9 housing units per acre according to NIRPC. Visclosky’s plan would transform the region into “neighborhood centers” containing an average of 25 housing units per acre with commercial units on the bottom where appropriate. In Highland, the Town Theatre would have served as the anchor to the plan. The map below shows the proposed Highland town center area. Despite the fact that the plan has been in the works for over 20 years, details on it are scarce. Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant as to the planning for their local neighborhoods by contacting the elected officials.

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Congressman Visclosky’s Livable Cities plan may be viewed Here

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  1. I shouldn’t be surprised about the town council’s decision same old Highland I grew up in many years ago never wanted to look forward wanting the status quo to stay the same never Progressive what a shame ,what short sidedness, they should have had a referendum before the people of Highland to decide the Fate I’ma landmark such as this

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