Hessville Drive-By: Police Respond After Home Shot at Near Scott School

January 28, 2017-Hammond Police were called to the 7200 block of Ohio Street just before 9:00 p.m. last night after several shots were fired into a local residence. According to Lt. Richard Hoyda of the Hammond Police Department, two teens were home at the time of the shooting but there were no injuries. In response to our inquiry, Lt. Hoyda responded “Several shots were fired at the home by unknown suspect(s) last evening at about 8:48 PM.” A total of bullet holes were clearly visible in the home this morning.

Neighbors told the Gazette that this is unprecedented in the neighborhood which sits between the Scott Middle School football field and Cline Avenue service road. “Its a quiet neighborhood . . .nothing like this has happened here before” a man working on his car told us.


  1. Really? Hammond’s Police Department operates in a shroud of mystery. No one knows what the Department’s staffing levels are. How many cops are on the street vs. administrative duties?

    And what about the Henry Unit? Instead of adequately staffing the police department, you put cops on the street working 16 hours day after day…..fatigue sets in and places them at risk. And what about favoritism?

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