Democrats’ Civil War Heats Up: State Rep, One Region Founder Calls on Councilman Washington to Resign

One Region Founder Charlie Brown Calls on Washington to Resign

January 27, 2017-As if to accentuate the point that the coordinated attacks on Lake County Councilman Jamal Washington are all about his political views rather than any criminal conviction, the Times/One Region crew has dusted off and dragged out the granddaddy of Lake County dirty politics. Washington pled guilty in December to a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.   In that case, Washington admitted to shoving his wife in a domestic dispute.

In a letter provided exclusively to his One Region/Times partners, State Representative Charlie Brown (D-Gary)says “Democrats in the County keep getting a black eye from corruption and now this happens.”  A thorough internet search reveals no similar statement from Brown in past incidents of misconduct by public officials despite allegations of gun running on the Sheriff’s department, bribery, misuse of public funds, and even murder have surfaced during his tenure as a State Representative.

For his part, Washington alleges that Brown’s sudden concern for public integrity in Lake County has everything to do with his opposition to plans being pushed forward by The Times and the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority.  In a social media post, Washington replied to the letter saying Brown is singling him out “Because of my vocal distaste of his inability to get anything done down state and my vocal opposition to the South shore project.”  Brown is a founding member of The Times One Region initiative which was formed to support the RDA and the West Lake extension of the South Shore train.

Brown’s sudden interest in public integrity also brings up his own lack of integrity in the past.  In 1996, it was learned that Brown, while purportedly doing public business, was secretly on the payroll of One Region sponsor NIPSCO (See )  To be fair, the House ethics committee found no violations in Brown’s failure to disclose tens of thousands of dollars in payments from the 1%’ers at NIPSCO.  Brown never explained exactly what he did for the payments from NIPSCO and we have no way of knowing whether or not they continue today.

Washington also points out that Brown has his own history with law enforcement. ” in 2002 Charlie brown was convicted of a misdemeanor with his involvement with a dispute with the Police. So the man who believes he is above the law now sits on his high throne and pass judgement” Washington posted on social media. Court records show that Brown was charged with resisting law enforcement and obstructing traffic, both misdemeanors in 2002. He pled guilty to obstructing traffic.

Tell us what you think in the comments.  Do you think Lake County Councilman Jamal Washington should step it up or step down?




    • I have more concern over the report regarding Washington’s residence and that it receives a homestead exemption for real estate tax purposes.

      If it is true that it does not qualify there is a problem for Washington.

      If it does qualify, the story only shows that Brown is slinging mud to see what will stick.

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